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Go Hug a Chicken...

I once read an article where someone likened the soothing feeling of watching fish in a fish tank to watching chickens walk, scratch, peck, and...well, just being chickens in a yard. And I couldn't agree more. Each animal has a special gift. Some are great at listing, some want to snuggle, and others take the more challenging approach...making you earn their trust to allow you in their personal space. But when you do earn their trust, you're in. Forever. Once an animal has excepted you as one of their own, there's this feeling of peace, oneness, and calm.

We homeschool our children. We're blessed with this as an option and don't take it as a light task to educate our kiddos...for the great unknown of adulthood.

With homeschool come it's own challenges. In times of stress or frustration, I tell my kiddos to, "Go hug a chicken."

This gives them (and me) a much needed break from whatever subject we were tackling at the moment. Time and time again, I've seen them walk outside frustrated, then they scoop up a chicken, hug it, sit in the swing with the hen in their arms, pet her feathers, and within 15 minutes they're recharged and energized ready to take on that once daunting task.

Life throws us curve-balls and sometimes the right answer is as simple as...

..."Go hug a chicken." :)

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