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Who knew one bag of poop could make me so happy?!

My sweet Delano (goat) has been loosing weight these last couple weeks. I treated him for worms with a general wormer, but he hasn't seemed to gain weight back. So I thought for sure he had a specific worm that I missed. A friend told me about her vet that treats goats (it's hard to find a vet in the city that takes care of goats). I drove 45 minutes to this small town vet...well worth my drive. This guy allowed me to go to his lab and see how it's done. He showed me what to look for and how to identify the parasite. Fortunately, my goat has ZERO worms. He's not being eaten from the inside out, yay! I just need to up his nutrition with a big fat bail of alfalfa hay. My boy doesn't have worms, he's starving! I thought feeding him gobs of prairie hay was the best thing for him. Well, now I know better. Headed to the store to pick up the most yummy juicy bail of alfalfa hay they have! 📷

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